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Android 2.1 will soon account for half of Android Market users

June 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Nearly half of active Android users will soon be on a device with Android 2.1 based on recent data from Google. The Android Developer chart shows that 45 percent of devices that accessed the Android Market within the past two weeks are running Android 2.1. One month ago, only 32 percent of devices featured 2.1.

The increase of 2.1 is due to Éclair updates being delivered to Sprint Hero, Samsung Moment, and Milestone, as well as the release of the Droid Incredible. With the launch of the Sprint EVO 4G happening on Friday, It’s highly-likely that 2.1 will officially account for half of all Market visitors by July.

Before anyone starts:

  1. Yes, I’m aware that you are furiously awaiting a 2.1 update to your *Insert MOTOBLUR, Sense, Timescape, or TouchWiz phone here*
  2. Froyo will soon make 2.1 old news but there will still be a wait time to get it
  3. This data is based on users who access the Android Market, NOT the total number of all Android users. There are many people who don’t visit or live in countries with no access to the Android Market, so it’s harder to track what version Android devices use. This is just an approximate indicator.


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