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AndFTP allows Android users to interact with their FTP servers [App Reviews]

June 7, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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The promise of mobile devices and computing setting us free from our desks and allowing us to do the same things we do on our desktops and laptops is becoming more evident every day. Yet some still need some people still need some tools that they can’t get anywhere else, or at least are usable. If you are in this boat with FTP clients, then AndFTP may be the FTP client for your Android phone.

AndFTP is a fully functional FTP client for Android. It allows connection to any FTP server and supports many advanced features that you would expect from a robust tool. Users can set up an FTP server’s settings, fill in the username and password, change ports, and adjust the charset, mode, SSH key, and key pass. Users can also set up what directory they want to upload and download files on their phone initially and can also navigate through folders on their phone they want to use.

Once connected to an FTP server you can download from the server to a local directory and also upload files from any directory on your phone. You can sort your lists, adjust the permissions of files and folders on the server, and rename and delete folders. This app is really a great FTP client solution for you Android device.

To test this out I decided to use some real world experiences. There was a small change that needed made to a PHP file on a site that I maintain. Instead of firing up my PC I decided to give my Android device a try. I logged onto the sites FTP server, downloaded the file that needed editing, opened it with TxtPad Lite, made my changes, uploaded the file from my phone to the server, and then, well, done. It was a mini revelation I had that day and decided that AndFTP will be making the cut to my home screen for these types of quick fixes I can make on the go.


  • ability to log onto any FTP server with credentials and save for future use
  • directory browsing, uploads, downloads, permission changes, deletion, renaming, etc. on the FTP server
  • ability to upload from any directory on your phone to the server
  • FREE!


  • No “dual-pane” view to see local and server files on one screen
  • activity window at the bottom may be a bit too small

App: AndFTP

Price: FREE