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Acer beTouch’s two new Android phones

June 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Acer has officially announced two new phones, one of which could meet the needs of a woefully-underserved form factor. “Trendy, youthful, and attractive,” the Acer beTouch line now includes the E120, which is a 2.8inch touchscreen device, and the E130, which includes a portrait keyboard and a 2.6-inch touchscreen.

The E130 instantly grabs my attention because of the form factor. Android devices have traditionally been all touchscreen or featured slideout, landscape QWERTY keyboards, neglecting users who may prefer the simplicity or familiarity of a portrait keyboard that’s great for shooting off emails and text messages. I’ve been a fan of this style of phone since I had a T-Mobile Dash and I’m sure plenty of BlackBerry converts like it as well.

Less encouraging are the specs of the E120 and E130. Both devices run Android 1.6, have 416 MHz processors, 3.2 MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 512 MB ROM, 1500 mAh batteries, and a microSD slot expandable to 32GB. Things get drearier when users factor in the problem of less apps being available because of the screen resolution and processing power of the devices. This is definitely something to attract regular consumers rather than a device for current Android users to pick as an upgrade.

The beTouch E120 will go on sale this July; the E130 in August. Both devices will be available in black or white.

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