3G Watchdog monitors usage for people suffering through tiered data plans [App Reviews]

June 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Cellular providers are on a path of ending unlimited data plans. AT&T has already done it, O2 is right behind them, and Verizon has signaled it will do the same soon. As companies return to the metered data approach, apps like 3G WatchDog will become a must-have for users who need to monitor their data usage.

3GWatchDog keeps track of how much data someone consumes within a given period. Users enter a quota for how much they are allowed to use according to their monthly plan, and 3GWatchDog then charts how much is transfered each day, week, and month. The app even provides an estimate to how much data the person will use within a given period if their current usage trends continue.

The beauty of 3G Watchdog is that it helps figure out what pushes users closer to their carrier’s caps. Watching a few YouTube videos, streaming music from Pandora, and downloading apps over 3G will quickly stack up the MB’s; therefore, seeing exactly how activity can affect your data usage will make it easier to change patterns. There’s also a feature that will warn users once they reach a certain percentage of their alloted data.

People unfortunate enough to be on networks that have tiered data will need reliable estimates of what type of web traffic flows through their phones. 3G Watchdog is a great way to do that and be sure they don’t suffer overage costs. Switching to an unlimited carrier may not be in the cards, so protect yourself.


  • Monitors daily, weekly, and monthly data usage
  • Provides warning when nearing data cap
  • Widget provides quick-look at monthly data levels

App: 3G Watchdog

Price: FREE