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Vodafone set to introduce ridiculous new data pricing next month

May 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Vodafone set to introduce ridiculous new data pricing next month

Now might be a good time to double check your contract. Vodafone UK has revealed plans to charge customers who use higher than “normal” data. Beginning June 1, 2010, Vodafone will introduce “out of Bundle” charging that will put a hard 500MB cap on free data usage. Once that threshold is reached, monthly customers will have to pay £5 for every additional 500MB of data usage. Customers without a monthly tariff will pay 50p for every 10MB after their first 25MB of data.

There are often complaints about the misleading talk of “unlimited” data by carriers, who then tack on exorbitant charges for heavy data users. Vodafone previously skirted that issue with a “fair use” exception, putting a soft cap at 500 MB they expected the average person to use but not charging them for exceeding it. Vodafone has scrapped fair use in favor of making “unlimited” mean 500MB according to a support forum employee.

Vodafone has decided to be up-front and “transparent” by letting customers better monitor their data usage. According to a Vodafone employee posting in a support forum, the company will offer a “real-time notification service” to keep track that users are going over their data limits.

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