Tips: Use Android’s “share” feature to quickly save to Evenote, 3Banana, etc.

May 26, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks, Productivity

Tips: Use Android’s “share” feature to quickly save to Evenote, 3Banana, etc.

Last week, Evernote and Seesmic reminded users that they can easily save tweets from Seesmic into Evernote using Android’s share feature. Then I realized that you can do this in practically any app that uses Android’s share feature.

Several popular Android apps feature a “Share” button that allows users to send content to friends or family. But people often don’t consider that they can use this function to push data from one app to the next. For instance, I often write notes in AK Notepad and then send them to Gmail as a way to wirelessly copy-n-paste text from my phone to the desktop. I can just as easily save my notes to 3Banana, Evernote, or Springpad by using the share function.

The Seesmic/Evernote post then reminded me that I often mark tweets that I see as favorites so I can read them later. The share function allows me to save directly into 3banana or Springpad by long-pressing a tweet in Seesmic or most of the other Android Twitter apps and selecting “Share.” The text of the tweet – including URL’s and a link back to the original tweet – are then brought up in the GTD app of choice. Add comments, a tag, or select a notebook and you’re good to go.

How To
1) Long press on a tweet, note, etc.
2) Select “Share” and choose 3banana, Evernote, Gmail, Springpad, etc.
3) Add context or notes and save/sync