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Thumbplay streams music on demand [App Reviews]

May 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Thumbplay streams music on demand [App Reviews]

Thumbplay has joined the ranks of Android with the launch of an official client for its cloud-based music service. Currently available only in the United States, Thumbplay Music is a service that streams music stored on its servers. The app has been in beta – and still bears the beta tag in the Market listing – but the company felt comfortable enough to officially announce it today.

The set-up of Thumbplay is familiar to most folks: pick a song, play it as much as you want, and mark it as a favorite if you want easy-access to it. The app also supports playlist creation, offline mode, and discovery of music with Playlist Genie. With a song library of more than 8 million songs, it’s not hard to find great songs from the Zac Brown Band or Steel Pulse, giving Thumbplay a leg-up on some of the smaller on-demand services.

UPDATE: Thumbplay actually does play in the background. There appears to be a glitch with my phone that was causing the problem.

Sadly, the app has a major fail in its inability to play in the background. Once a user leaves the app, the song stops playing and doesn’t resume when a user returns. It is rather unfortunate that Thumbplay chose not to implement one of Android’s best features, but it’s an otherwise decent app if that doesn’t matter to you.

Thumbplay costs $9.99 a month, but a free three-day trial is available through the Android Market.

Key Features

  • Unlimited streaming of on-demand songs, albums, and playlist
  • Download songs for offline playback
  • “My Music” section to bookmark favorites and playlists
  • 8 million songs in streaming library with integrated purchasing options