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Thinking Space is THE mind mapping app for Android [App Reviews]

May 11, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Thinking Space is THE mind mapping app for Android [App Reviews]

If you are a GTD type of guy or gal, or if you just find the idea of linking ideas together creative and useful then mind mapping is the thing for you. Mind mapping can be a great way to connect thoughts and ideas together that you really never knew existed. If you own an Android phone there is at least one mind mapping app that is worth a look.

Thinking Space by Charlie Chilton is a mind mapping app for Android with some serious functionality and grace. The user can create brand new mind maps on the fly and start connecting ideas instantly. You first name your new mind map and then start creating “nodes” (ideas that relate to the base of the map) and then “subnodes” after that. Once you have an idea and some connections started you can change the the color of the node, add an icon to the node and even rearrange the orders of all the nodes.

Probably one of the more interesting and useful features of this application is that you can sync your mind maps with Google’s App Engine to the cloud and have access to your mind maps anywhere you are. This is especially useful because you can open the mind maps with the opensource, desktop application FreeMind. Almost everything works with the desktop app although you may run into some icons and color schemes that will not work. I have found that to be a minor nuisance; the idea of being able to edit and create your maps on Android and the desktop far outweighs the minor formatting issues.


  • Easily make mind maps on the fly
  • add nodes, subnodes, and even “subnodenodes”
  • full sync with Google’s servers (requires Google login)
  • pin to home
  • able to be edited with desktop app, FreeMind
  • notes for any node
  • free!


  • formatting not always recognized between FreeMind and Thinking Space

App: Thinking Space

Price: Free