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Tag Home(Launcher) allows for an organized Android home experience [App Reviews]

May 27, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Tag Home(Launcher) allows for an organized Android home experience [App Reviews]

I have been singing the praise and glory of LauncherPro Beta for the past couple of weeks for it’s ease, simplicity, and fluid use as an Android home screen replacement. But, if you are a “power user” and want a little more functionality and customizing options, LauncherPro Beta may not be the one for you. Enter Tag Home(Launcher).

Tag Home(Launcher) is a heavily customizable home screen and launcher replacement for your Android device. Tag Home allows the user to assign “tags” that appear at the bottom of the launcher tray to any application they have in their menu. Users can also create their own custom tags and assign those as well. Some of the tags that come pre-installed with the app are All, Google, Communicate, Multimedia, Games, etc. When you click on these tags they filter the apps out of your entire app collection  that fall into these categories. You can assign any application in your launcher tray to any tag that you have available.

Tag Home also allows you to organize your apps based on a user defined priority. So, instead of opting for the standard alphabetical sort option of your apps in the launcher, you can assign each app a weight from 0 to 100. The higher the weight the app has, the higher it goes in the order of your launcher. Another nifty option is going into the “edit mode” of your launcher and tapping “Tag to Folder” which puts the current tag you have open on your home screen as a folder.

I highly suggest you download Tag Home(Launcher) and give it a try to see what it is truly capable of. If you are like me and have a ton of applications, Tag Home(Launcher) may help you make sense of your launcher tray. Also, make sure that you download the proper app from the Market. There are three versions; Android 1.6, Android 2.1, and Android 2.2.


  • Orientation toggle – automatic, landscape only, portrait only
  • Four app spaces for home screen “dock”
  • Transparency and UI customization
  • Workspace count (number of homescreens) up to 9 screens
  • Ability to set up custom tags at the bottom of launcher
  • Ability to set one or more tags to a certain app and the filter them by tapping the tag
  • Ability to remove, rename, delete, or even add tags
  • Ability to set priority for an app to bring higher in the list rather than just alphabetical sorting


  • Somewhat sluggish launcher tray opening and scrolling
  • Not totally intuitive at first, slight learning curve

APP: Tag Home(Launcher)



1.6 2.1 2.2