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Rumor: Verizon to begin testing next-gen Moto device, Xtreme

May 12, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Rumor: Verizon to begin testing next-gen Moto device, Xtreme

As the Moto DROID approaches the middle of its life span (which frankly isn’t very long for an Android device) one would assume that Motorola would be thinking about its next high end Android device for Verizon. We have heard rumors of the Moto “Shadow” and the “DROID 2″ but according to Engadget we actually may see something soon; the Moto Xtreme.

Engadget is reporting that “reliable sources” are telling them the Verizon will start testing this new Moto device sometime next week. As of now there are no specs leak, but if its the rumored DROID 2 / Shadow we Verizonians could be in for a serious treat. You can check out the rumored specs of said Moto device here. This device may be (most likely) is the same Moto device that passed it’s Wifi certification last week. And remember, just because a device enters Verizon’s testing, doesn’t mean that it will make it to consumers anytime soon.

So, as much as I don’t really like rumors, I do like speculation and and consumer wants. Commentors, what would you like to see in Moto’s next-gen device for Verizon?

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