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Orange UK and T-Mobile UK to offer free roaming on either network

May 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Orange UK and T-Mobile UK to offer free roaming on either network

The British divisions of Orange and T-Mobile have officially merged into one joint venture that will be known as Everything Everywhere. Though both Orange and T-Mobile will retain their brands and shops, the two parties will operate as one team to create the largest phone company in the United Kingdom.

The highlight of Everything Everywhere’s announcement is that customers of either brand will be able to roam on the other’s network at no charge. That means you could buy an Orange phone and switch to T-Mobile’s network when coverage is weak in a particular area. There’s no exact date on when users will gain free roaming access as Everything Everywhere would say only that the feature is “due later this year, at no additional cost to the customer.”

Everything/where also plans to reduce stations and merge their networks as a way to reduce redundancies and operating costs. It will be the first of many tests for the new venture.

The mobile phone market in the UK will obviously become more interesting now that its third and fourth largest networks joined forces to make the largest company in terms of subscribers.