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HTC EVO 4G takes screenshots without root using ShootMe

May 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


HTC EVO 4G takes screenshots without root using ShootMe


Recent updates to the HTC EVO have removed the settings that allowed the EVO to take screenshots. You MUST have root for this to work now.


For some reason, the HTC EVO 4G is able to take screenshots without needing root access. Previously, the only way to snap photos of content on your phone was to root the device and install an app or go through the completely-overkill-for-the-situation process of installing the Android SDK. With the EVO – or at least the batch of phones given to all Google I/O attendees – screenshots are possible simply by installing ShootMe and giving your phone a decent shake.

ShootMe is a graduate of the Android Developer’s Challenge that takes screenshots. It was able to accomplish this through an exploit in Android 1.5, but has since been applicable to any device with root. The EVO runs Android 2.1 and didn’t come rooted, which leaves me to wonder just how the app manages to accomplish this feat that most of you don’t care about but many people request.

Whatever the reason, it works, and it does it works very well. Download ShootMe from the Android Market and follow these simple steps.

  1. Install ShootMe
  2. Go to the screen you want to snap a photo of and shake the phone forward and back for at least a second
  3. ?
  4. PROFIT! Screenshot!

Access the screenshots by navigating to the ShootMe folder on your SD card. FYI, the photo in this post a screenshot of my wallpaper taken with ShootMe.


via AndroidGuys