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HTC EVO 4G supports Skype video chat thanks to Fring [Video]

May 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


HTC EVO 4G supports Skype video chat thanks to Fring [Video]

Want to make video calls on your Android phone? Fring’s got you covered. Taking advantage of the HTC EVO 4G’s front facing camera before any other company – including Qik, which comes pre-loaded on the EVO 4G – Fring has updated its application to enable video calls on the phone.

You may not know about Fring, but I suggest learning yourself very quickly. Fring is a multiprotocol IM, voice, and now video calling application that is compatible with AIM, GTalk, MSN, SIP, Skype, and more. (NOTE: As far as I know, that’s for IM and audio only! I’ve only been able to test Skype video successfully). The new application now makes it possible to do live video chat with friends.

While I think Qik has improved, Skype has the benefit of being the incumbent (at least in my circles). It’s much easier for me to see myself using video  chat if people already have the software I need to run it rather than having to convince them to sign-up for a new service. I’ve tested it with three people and it was solid, though I had some issues with dialing out from the phone once. Check out the video demo below and then grab Fring from the Android Market once you get an EVO 4G.