HTC EVO 4G handed out at I/O ships with faulty microSD cards

May 31, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks, HTC


The day after Google I/O, a number of people reported that the microSD card that ships with the phone runs into trouble and is inaccessible by certain apps. I experienced this problem whenever trying to take a picture, download from Dropbox, or browse the SD card with Astro. Rebooting the phone provided a temporary fix, but the problem would reappear randomly and with increased frequency.

After seeing more EVO users report this problem, I’m inclined to believe it’s a problem with the batch of SD cards given to us at I/O rather than a software issue. I formatted the SD card on my computer and didn’t have any problems, but other people are still experiencing issues. Switching to another microSD card proved to be a better fix for one person I asked, and he hasn’t had any further problems.

Long story short: format the SD card in your PC and hope for the best. We’ve already written a dead-simple tutorial on how to do it for a Nexus One, and the same rules apply. If things still don’t work, get a new SD card or swap out with a card you know works.

P.S. If you don’t have a microSD reader in your computer or an adapter available, simply mount your phone in Disk Mode (plug-in the phone using the USB cord and select “Disk Mode” on the phone).