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How many updates do you expect on your Android phone?

May 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Firmware updates


Today is Friday, which means it’s time for the weekly email from Android users upset about their phones not being updated. Seriously, I get these emails at least once a week even though I have zero involvement in Google and no control over when phones are updated.

The latest hate mail comes courtesy of jilted Samsung Behold II owners who demand that Samsung make good on its promise to update the phone to an Eclair or Froyo flavor of Android. When the Behold II first went on sale, Samsung promised that it would be eligible for upgrades to the 2.0 version of Android. We are days away from 2.2, yet Samsung has not delivered or shown any signs that it plans to get Behold II up-to-date. In fact, Samsung has confirmed that it will upgrade the Behold II to Android 1.6…and that’s it.

Which brings us to the Issue of the Week: how often do you expect your Android phone to be updated? I spoke about this very issue with WebProNews while attending Google I/O, and I’m surprised to see that Behold users are getting hosed.

Andy Rubin has already alluded to the looming death of legacy devices, so we’re reaching a point where some devices will be left behind. How much support do you expect when buying a new phone? Do you expect 1 or 2 updates every 4 months or do you want expect companies to deliver as much as the phone can handle?

Again, not what you want, but what you realistically expect.