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Heavy Gunner 3D shoots down enemies, shoots up fun [Video Reviews]

May 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Heavy Gunner 3D shoots down enemies, shoots up fun [Video Reviews]

The premise is something that we’ve seen before: aliens are invading the galaxy and you’ve been tasked with shooting those freedom-hating hordes of warriors out of the sky. That familiar concept enters unfamiliar territory in new Android game Heavy Gunner 3D.

Just released for Android 2.0 and up devices, Heavy Gunner is a first-person shooter in which users must shoot waves of intruders emerging from grey skies with unrelenting fury. Players earn points for the effectiveness of their kills – speed, duration, and how many enemies manage to penetrate your defenses – that are then applied to weapons upgrades. There are several missions in this game, which can provide plenty of fun in an attempt to beat all three levels of difficulty.

Graphics in Heavy Gunner 3D are a little blocky on some levels but otherwise strong. The action can be so fast during gameplay that you’ll only notice for a split second. As the game progresses and tasks become increasingly more difficult, there are plenty of story changes and upgrades that make for an entertaining time. Heavy Gunner 3D is available for in the Android Market for $2.99.

App: Heavy Gunner 3D

Price: $2.99 USD