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Gowalla 2.0 adds comments, links to Facebook/Twitter, and photo sharing

May 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Gowalla 2.0 adds comments, links to Facebook/Twitter, and photo sharing

Gowalla has joined the parade of app launches and upgrades released in conjunction with Google I/O. The latest version, labeled Gowalla 2.0, is now available and adds the following features:

  • Share or view photos attached to a location
  • Comment on a friend’s post
  • View friends’ Trips and bookmarked Spots
  • Read Facebook/Twitter profiles
  • Accept or reject friend requests in the app
  • View more of your friends’ Passport info

Gowalla 2.0 also has some core improvements to stability and design. The app will be less likely to force close and should perform tasks faster than you have previously experienced. Along with the new features, Gowalla should provide a better experience for people looking to locate their friends and places to spend their time.

Like Foursquare, Brightkite, and Google Latitude, Gowalla is an app that uses check-ins to plot user locations. It’s a way to announce to friends that you have just entered a bar or bookstore, and welcomes them to join you without needing to contact anyone directly. Users also earn points for check-ins that lead to stamps in their “Passport” and prominent position at certain venues they repeatedly check-in. Though I’ve previously found little use for these services due to lack of people I know using them, they proved incredibly useful for tracking down people at Google I/O.

Download Gowalla from the Android Market to experience the app for yourself.