Android News redesign filters search results on Android phones

May 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Google redesign filters search results on Android phones

Google has steadily worked to improve the mobile search page over the years, and the latest effort to do that brings a valuable part of its desktop search to Google Mobile.

Mobile search users will notice that Google is now including its Universal Search sidebar options on results pages. Visiting on an Android device will now feature an option to filter content according to type or date, just as users are able to do when performing a search on their desktop. The new feature is being released in conjunction with the revamped

The next time you perform a search from your Android device, you’ll notice a right-facing double-arrow symbol. Tap the icon and Google will reveal options to filter according to News, Products, Status Updates, or limit results based on a specific time period. Users can then slide to Images, Location, Buzz, and other areas of Google Search.


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