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Google co-founder says Android doesn’t infringe on patents

May 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Google co-founder says Android doesn’t infringe on patents

Android infringing on patents? Google co-founder Sergey Brin isn’t buying it. When a reporter broached the issue of Android adoption slowing down because of patent disputes, Brin quickly responded that he disagrees with the notion that Android violates any patents.

Brin argues that innovators who bring technologies that would otherwise be unavailable to the world have a right to be compensated and maintain exclusivity for a reasonable period. However, when it comes to “submarine” patents, or patents that were not widely known about and replicated free of that company, it’s unreasonable to block other companies from implementing new technologies.

Brin’s comments were in reference to recent reports that Microsoft has laid claims to technology patents that are used in Android. HTC agreed to pay Microsoft to avoid a legal battle, but Brin believes that other companies should not fear patents related to Android.

“Members of the open handset alliance have a very strong patent portfolio both individually and collectively,” Brin told the audience. “We’re confident that with the strength of this organization, we can continue to …work within the bounds of the patent system.”

Whether or not this proves true remains to be seen. Google has been vocal in saying that it supports its partners in regard to patent fights, but that hasn’t stopped companies from going after manufacturers who make Android products.