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GameCenter keeps up-to-date in gaming news and Gamefly queue [App Reviews]

May 12, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


GameCenter keeps up-to-date in gaming news and Gamefly queue [App Reviews]

Gamefly is often called the Netflix of gaming, but offers more than that in its new Gamecenter app. In addition to renting games to members who pay a monthly fee, Gamefly delivers gaming news and videos to help decide what to rent or buy. With the introduction of its new Android app and a trial membership, Gamefly hopes to let people test the waters for themselves.

The Gamecenter Android app is shamelessly copied from the iPhone version, but the interface makes finding content to browse or read incredibly simple. Each game listing includes user reviews, ratings, specs, cheat codes, screenshots and trailers. Users can also keep up with the latest gaming happenings and rumors by browsing the ShackNews-powered news tab.

Managing a Gamefly queue is the most important draw of Gamecenter. Those who prefer a particular gaming system can narrow down content to a select group of platforms. This makes it easy to find a title worth checking and add or remove it from the queue. Gamefly has more than 7,000 titles that members can browse and rent until they are prepared to return the game and check out something new.

The only problem with Gamefly is that trailers can take a little while to start up. The app has limited use for non-Gamefly members but can be valuable to people needing just a quick look at videogames worth checking. Download Gamefly and sign-up for a free, 15-day trial.

Key Features

  • Video game user reviews, screenshots, and trailers
  • Manage your Gamefly queue and membership
  • Read short news items with photo and video content


  • Slow-starting video streams

App: Gamecenter

Price: Free