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Android Apps Alert: Busiest 2 Weeks Ever Edition

May 31, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Every week, attempts to highlight the best Android Apps. We’ve taken a few breaks because of our massive 60 Best Android Apps List and trying to keep up with Google I/O, but expect to see a weekly wrap-up of new apps and recommendations from our writers and readers.

The past two weeks have been among the busiest in Android history. Between I/O and the previews of upcoming apps, we can expect things to be even busier. Below are four apps worth considering; below those apps are links to recent reviews and announcements.

ADW Launcher

For the people still waiting on Éclair or Froyo, the homescreen can get a little stale. ADW launcher is a way to live up the phone’s desktop without hacking. ADW is a home screen replacement app that adds the ability to mark two apps as favorites in a dock, sideswipe left or right to browse app drawer, or use the 3D launcher that many seem to love. The usual concerns about homescreens still apply, but anyone looking to liven up an older phone can use ADW Launcher.

Also check out our review of Launcher Pro, another great homescreen replacement app.

ADW.Launcher QR Code (Click to enlarge)


Fring put in a late bid for app of the week on Wednesday when it announced that live video Skype chat was available thanks to the HTC EVO 4G’s front facing camera. We even posted a video showing the demo that had thousands of people realizing that Fring can also do audio chat and instant messaging in Skype, AIM, GTalk, ICQ, MSN, and SIP. App of the week indeed.

Social Wallpaper

Live wallpapers are becoming more popular among Android users, and Social Wallpaper is an interesting app to consider. Rather than adding a pretty graphical element like most live wallpapers, the app merely shows status updates from Twitter and Facebook in bubbles that float across the screen. This is nothing Earth-shattering, but Social adds a fun option for getting a quick peek into your networks. Clicking on a status bubble will launch the official Facebook or Twitter for Android applications (if those apps are installed).

I’m a shameless New York-ophile. While most people in my city love all things London, Paris, or Madrid, I’ve always thought of NYC as the most interesting city in the world. does a good job of covering New York, but you don’t have to be in the Big Apple to appreciate the app. The official Android app covers news, politics, entertainment, and sports that will interest most Americans. All of the blog content from NYMag (Vulture, Intel, etc.) is available in this app.