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Android Apps Alert #22: read The Times and Slice your music edition

May 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert #22: read The Times and Slice your music edition

Finding the best Android apps is a tough task. While you can check our Incredible Apps post to see some of the top suggestions we have, there’s always a rush of apps entering the Android Market, and we can’t track ‘em all. Each week, takes suggestions from readers and highlights new or recommended apps for the week.

Androinica plans to continue using Twitter to find new apps, but we’ve also got great tools like AppAware and AppBrain to help. Below are a few apps we recommend this week, as well as a few highlights of previously covered app reviews and Android app news that emerged this week.

Talking Calendar ($1.99)

Android has some options to customize notifications, but only as far as which ringtone or alarm to play. Talking Calendar gives each happening its own extra-personal notification. As the name implies, Talking Calendar provides a voice-based alert that specifically addresses each event in your Google Calendar. If you have a doctor’s appointment at 5:30, the app will update and say, “Upcoming event: Doctor’s Appointment at 5:30.” The voice used is the somewhat robotic TTS library, but it’s audible and useful to people who want to know what’s going on before they reach for their phone.

Note: Talking Calendar will not make a sound if the phone is set to Vibrate or Silent.

NY Times

The big news of the week, in terms of apps, was that The New York Times finally debuted its Android app. The Times app is well-organized, moves fairly well, and provides a large amount of content from one of the biggest names in news. The Times is rumored to institute a pay wall in January 2011, so enjoy the free news while you can.

[Read the story]


Slice is an application that “makes music discovery visual.” I still don’t know exactly what that means, but I know that the app has an interesting way of finding new recording artists to research. Using the music library and Echo Nest, Slice groups similar artists. Search for a singer or band and Slice will display a pie chart with similar artists. You can then rotate the chart to hear song excerpts and determine new acts you may want to learn more about.

Google I/O 2010

The last week has been hectic for me getting ready for Google I/O, and if you’re going to be there, grab the Google I/O 2010 app for Android devices 2.0 or higher. In addition to providing a detailed schedule and session information, I/O 2010 includes Notes, Maps of the venue, and the ability to participate in Waves live during the event. This will be great to have if you’ll be at the Moscone this week. (Drop me a line if you’re there)

[Read the review] Mobile

Every now and then, decides to take a break from its busy schedule of sexualizing the domain registration process and do something else. The latest break resulted in the debut of the official GoDaddy app, now available in the Android Market. GoDaddy lets users register new domain names or manage domains they already own. It can be very useful to search for WhoIs data, contact the company, and manage other services they offer.


Seesmic will add Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks to its Android application. I got a chance to attend an event featuring Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur, and he revealed that Seesmic will be expanding its apps to include more networks.

PrimeTime2Go debuted on the Android Market last week. This new multimedia app allows anyone with a Motorola Android phone to watch their favorite US television shows, provided that they sign-up for a $9.99 a month membership to watch these shows on-demand.

Aldiko is an application that optimized eBooks for your Android phone. Read the full review to learn more about how you can read more on your Android device.

Mind-mapping is a productivity technique used by many, and Thinking Space is THE mind-mapping app for Android, according to staff writer and resident GTD nut Chris. Read his full review for more information on how this app can help you get things done.

Gamers who have a subscription to Gamefly can now manage their queue and with the official GameCenter app. In addition to making it easy to manage which titles to rent, the app also supplies trailers for upcoming games and provides stories on gaming. [Read the review]