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Android 2.1 update for Sprint’s Samsung Moment has landed

May 13, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Android 2.1 update for Sprint’s Samsung Moment has landed

There is yet to be an official announcement from Sprint, but Phandroid and others are reporting that if you go to the Moment’s support page on Sprint’s site you can indeed download and install the newest version of Android for the Moment (2.1). It is a nice 84MB and it seems that it will be a tethered install; no OTA updates for Sprint Moment users.

Phandroid is also pointing out that someone on the SDX-Developers forum is the lucky one who uncovered the update and says that there Moment does read Firmware “2.1-update1″ (just like the DROID’s) and seems to be running fine. There is a mention of no Live Wallpapers, but there is yet to be any verification of it.

Since this hasn’t been officially released by Sprint yet one may think that they could pull it down at anytime if they don’t know it’s there. So, jump over to the Sprint Moment support site and grab your copy before it may be to late! Also, let us know how the update goes, will you?

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