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Verizon getting creative with Droid advertising again

April 12, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Verizon getting creative with Droid advertising again

It looks like Verizon has launched a contest surrounding Android and your favorite apps. The contest can be found at, but that is not what caught my eye. I found the ad for this contest while flipping though a People magazine. Yup, in a regular print magazine. And on top of that the ad is personalized for the individual subscriber.

All in all its a pretty neat way to highlight Android, after all people love to see their name in print. As for the contest, it began on April 8 and will be running through May 28 and will give someone a “red carpet experience.”

Personally I just thought the ad was cool, but the contest also seems pretty nice. If nothing else it should be a nice way to get a few non-geeks excited about Android.