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The Weather Channel app for Android gets an update

April 26, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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The Weather Channel app for Android gets an update

Today the Weather Channel app for Android received an update to version 2.3.14. The Weather Channel app is definitely one of the best weather apps for Android and is in close contention with other quality apps like Weatherbug.

The update has some new features like custom tabs, new desktop widgets, and “Did you know?” weather fact section, and TruPoint Nowcasts (better name maybe?). The Weather Channel is claiming that the app now has better tracking and also improves battery life and load times. In some very quick testing, The Weather Channel app found my location in about 6 seconds right after a fresh install. It even got my town name right, something that Weatherbug still has a problem with.

So, give the new Weather Channel update and try and let us know what you think about that “improved” battery life and new widgets!