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Slow down! Trapster warns drivers about speed traps [App Reviews]

April 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Slow down! Trapster warns drivers about speed traps [App Reviews]

My hometown ranks among the worst offenders for road rage and speeding. Trapster can’t deal with rage, but it can remind drivers that it’s not always smart to push the speed limit.

Trapster is an Android app that highlights nearby speed traps. In what looks like a Google Maps overlay, the app reveals locations where law enforcement agents typically hang out waiting to pull over speeding drivers. Rather than race blindly into an area that will lead to a ticket, Trapster provides audio alerts as you approach a waiting officer or speed camera reported by other users. The app can show a map based on nearby traps before you start driving or search along an area or planned route.

Ironically, this app designed to temper speeding does the same for its functions. Trapster is disappointingly slow to response at times, taking as long as 7 seconds to perform some tasks. Another critical flaw is that the app depends on user reports, so unless someone else has already been burned, you won’t know when to slow down.

We all know that excessive speeding is a bad thing, but Trapster is designed to help the people who push the speed limits rather than those who flaunt them. Drive safely and smart.


  • Warns users about upcoming speed traps/cameras by GPS, directions/route, or distance from reported location
  • Changeable voices with comedic themes for Austin Powers, Bill Clinton, Homer, and more


  • Slow response
  • You can still wind up in a speed trap if no other user has posted a warning

App: Trapster

Price: Free