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Seesmic adds widget, native retweet, and geotagging features

April 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Seesmic adds widget, native retweet, and geotagging features

Seesmic, recently-crowned Best Android Twitter App, has added several new features, including a widget, geotagging, and native retweet. One of our commenters questioned how Seesmic managed to be the best despite missing widgets and native retweets, but I felt it made up for that it in other areas and had the most appeal to most users. These new features strengthen that argument.

The Seesmic widget displays one tweet at a time on the homescreen. Seesmic has indicated that it plans to bring more “widget enhancements” in the future, so you can bet that it will soon see a 4×2/4 widget in the future. (Maybe even a post from the widget option?)

Meanwhile, users now have the option of doing native retweets, which are direct quotes from other users that appear in your timeline, or doing the older style of retweets that allow users to the quoting party to add a comment. Seesmic can be set to use “RT” or “via” to indicate a retweet.

Geotagging is another new feature that other Twitter apps have embraced. Tweets can now be marked to reveal the location they were sent from automatically or only when the user desires. Seesmic also displays the location graphically if the user so desires.Here are a few screenshots posted on the Seesmic blog.