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Searchify brings keyword commands and custom search to Android Quick Search [App Reviews]

April 23, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Searchify brings keyword commands and custom search to Android Quick Search [App Reviews]

You thought Android’s built in search was awesome and didn’t need anything else, huh? What about adding keyword commands right from the search box to look up words, search IMDB, search Twitter, or even add new events to your calendar?

Searchify is an app that adds a ton of extra functionality to Android’s built in search box or widget. With Searchify a user can can use keywords to perform different actions or search certain sites. Some of the many actions you can perform are looking up a word by preceding it with the keyword “dict”, converting units by just typing something like “15 miles to”, or adding entries to your calendar by using specially formed entries. Searchify even allows you to add your own search functions to Android’s search.

There is a slight learning curve to truly benefit from everything the app has to offer, but the developers has added a simple how-to within the app to get you started. I noticed that it took a couple of times of clicking on the Searchify listings for them to start populating the quick search box automatically. Once they were coming up automatically, it seemed that the speed was quick and I could try different fucntions quickly. Every once in-a-while I did notice a slowdown in pulling results but it wasn’t anything too terrible.


  • Allows users to search from IMDb, Twitter, Metacritic, Urban Dictionary, Translator, Calendar, and even Calculator from the quick search box or widget
  • Allows users to add their own custom search services
  • Displays search results in the recommended listings in the search list


  • Not able to  add to address book
  • Can sometimes be laggy

App: Searchify

Price: Free