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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S heading to AT&T, Moment 2 heading to Sprint

April 6, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S heading to AT&T, Moment 2 heading to Sprint

Samsung has a pair of rumors heating up the blogosphere. The first suggests that the Galaxy S, the new high-powered phone debuted at CTIA 2010, will appear on AT&T. According to PhoneScoop, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group website lists a phone closely resembling the specs of Galaxy S. The model number associated with this listing is typically used for AT&T devices. Could AT&T be the U.S. carrier for Samsung’s first Android superphone? Recent actions take by AT&T may make some folks weary, but keep your eyes open

Second is this photo of a Samsung Moment 2 that makes me all kinds of confused. WeRAndroid has this photo of what is supposedly a refreshed version of the Moment. The 2 that features minor design changes and the TouchWiz 3.0 interface. Why companies would choose to refresh year old products rather than just update the stuff they already have has never made sense to me *cough myTouch* or anyone else who wants to see something new. But this blurrycam shot shows that this is once again coming to Sprint, so anyone who hasn’t already been swooped up by the Moment will have another crack at this device.

Will S Life and a new screen sway any of you Sprint subscribers?