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Rumor: Android 2.2 in testing, could debut next month

April 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Rumor: Android 2.2 in testing, could debut next month

All of you folks still waiting on Android 2.1 will probably be interested in knowing that you will soon have a new Android OS version to whine about not having. AndroidAndMe has examined its traffic stats and discovered that some visitors are using Android 2.2. After confirming with some unnamed sources that Google is indeed testing the next version of Android in anticipation of a May release, we have some rumored features to look forward to.

Rumored improvements we can expect are the JIT compiler tool for developers, a new kernel to free up RAM and increase speeds, the trackball will have different colors, changes required for Flash 10.1 support, graphic enhancements, and turning on the FM radio feature for phones with compatible hardware.

We’ll know for sure how accurate these rumors are next month at Google I/O. My bags are already packed and I’m looking forward to the event.