Raging Thunder 2 speeds toward great Android gaming (App Reviews)

April 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Racing games hold a special place in my heart, so you can probably guess that I am a natural fan of Raging Thunder 2, a 3D Android racing game that has some elements resembling the classic speed titles. Players must navigate through a highly-competitive track, picking up boosts, upgrades, and repairs. There’s also realistic physicality that causes bumped cars to spin out. Not reacting quickly to other racers or course changes could spell instant defeat.

Raging Thunder also has five single-player racing modes and a multiplayer option to race against friends or strangers. The graphics in Raging Thunder 2 are great and, like many 3D games, are best experienced on newer WVGA devices. The game is incredibly glitchy on the G1 because Raging Thunder 2 is designed for newer devices with better processors. (First gen users should play the less-intensive Raging Thunder 1). For a speed fix, quick thrill, and lots of entertainment, give Raging Thunder 2 Lite a try before deciding if you want to buy the €4.00 full version.


  • Best on 1GHz devices like Desire, Droid/Milestone, Nexus One, etc.
  • Great graphics and numerous control options
  • Arcade or multiplayer racing supported
  • Creative environments that enhance the atmosphere and track design


  • Unusable on G1/Dream, Cliq/Dext, myTouch
  • 3.6 MB app size and 20MB data stored onto SD card could create problems for people with limited space
  • Occasional glitches in menu selection

App: Raging Thunder

Price: €4.00