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QwikList adds list creation with voice to Android [App Reviews]

April 20, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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QwikList adds list creation with voice to Android [App Reviews]

One of my favorite things about the newest update of the Android OS is the voice-to-text feature available in any text field. I use it a lot and find the accuracy to be really good. One thing that I have been searching for is a nice widget that allows me to add voice notes to a list for later review.

QwikList Voice is an app and home widget that allows users to use Android’s voice-to-text to create lists and notes from a home-screen widget. The widget is either a 2×2 or 1×1 spaced widget and allows the user to view the list of items that have been created, calendar, or create a new voice list item. When clicking on the list QwikList will open and you can view your entire list, add new items by voice, text or barcode, and the ability to email the list.

In using this app I found that the speech-to-text was just as good as any other on Android, yet it seems to take a long time for the app to initiate it. Once it is started it works very smoothly and adds the list item almost instantly. One gripe that I have is the look and UI of the app. At first glance the application doesn’t seem easy to use and is nonintuitive. I couldn’t tell what many of the buttons did without pulling up the menu or pressing them to give them a try. The look of the widgets seem a little unpolished as well and on the DROID the resolution is subpar.


  • ability to add voice, barcode, or text items
  • can add calendar items
  • useful home widgets to make the voice entry faster
  • speech-to-text accuracy is excellent
  • ability to email lists


  • voice recognition starts slowly
  • UI and look seem unpolished and hard to use

App: QwikList Voice

Price: $0.99