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Progressive releases Android app so easy a Cave…oh wait, wrong company

April 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Progressive releases Android app so easy a Cave…oh wait, wrong company

President Palmer told me that I should go with All State, but All State doesn’t have an Android app. Progressive does. Meanwhile, all of you waiting for an Android version of that Geico iPhone app seen in commercials, could this make you switch?

Insurance company Progressive uploaded its official Android app into the Market today. Created in response to “30 percent increase in visits to our mobile Web site by Android users over the past four months,” the new Progressive app features a number of features for you to play with:

  • Get car insurance quotes and buy a policy
  • Make payments and update policy information
  • Get directions to a local independent insurance agent
  • Get directions to the closest service center, where customers receive Progressive’s concierge level of claims service
  • Research crash test results and recall notices
  • Calculate and budget for monthly car loan payments
  • Compare the relative costs to insure different types of cars
  • Report and track claims
  • Watch the latest Progressive TV commercials

Wait, Progressive actually thinks that last one is a feature? That perky salesperson in their commercials is only a few steps above that creepy Palm Pre lady. Progressive customers can download the app in the Android Market.