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Jorte is a promising Android calendar replacement [App Reviews]

April 16, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Jorte is a promising Android calendar replacement [App Reviews]

If you are a calendar and todo list addict like myself then you have probably scoured the Market for the latest-greatest productivity applications. And if you are like me you have probably spent more time searching for productivity crap than you have actually been productive. Let’s add another calendar application to the list that looks somewhat promising.

Jorte is a free calendar application that coincides with the built in Google calendar (which, in my opinion is hard to beat) or can segregate it’s own data within the application. Jorte seems to work well and is pretty fast and full featured. The user can view month, week, and daily agendas by just tapping a few selections. You can add an event to the calendar, yet the way that Jorte implements this is a little different than stock calendar. Instead of going to the menu and selecting add, you choose the day and then add the event to the day. This helps streamline the process of adding events, but at first glance can be a little confusing.

Jorte also has three different Home widgets. You can have a full monthly calendar, a weekly horizontal calendar, and a weekly list. I like that you have the choice of three different Home widgets, and even if I don’t see myself using the full blown application, the monthly Home widget may just be a mainstay. Something else that is kind of different is that you can add todos and memos right to the monthly calendar view in the app, yet you cannot sync this with any service making it unusable for some.


  • Three home widgets giving the user fast and easy ways to look at upcoming appointments or schedules.
  • Fast interface and view of month, week, and day with a single tap.
  • Full integration with Google Calendar.
  • Data import and export.
  • Free!


  • Interface isn’t completely intuitive and English translation can be confusing.
  • Todo list may be unusable for some without sync.
  • Cannot set up repeat events.
  • Although widgets are nice, if you have a lot of appointments on one day you cannot see them easily.

App: Jorte

Price: Free