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ITC will investigate Apple/HTC patent dispute

April 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


ITC will investigate Apple/HTC patent dispute

Here’s an item that HTC probably wishes was just an April Fool’s joke. The ITC has agreed to investigate Apple’s patent complaints against HTC. Apple accused HTC of stealing its intellectual property in its phones, particularly the Android version of its Sense UI. While plenty of analysts, journalists, and consumers say this is all about slowing down Android, the ITC has found enough cause to investigate further.

This is not a surprising move. In fact, it’s just confirming that the case has some level of merit to be investigated and not dismissed right away. Though some of Apple’s patent complaints seemed ridiculous on the surface, ITC has determined that the company has a leg to stand on in its complaints. There will still be another 45 days before the ITC even sets a goal of when the investigation could complete.

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