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Incredible Apps: The 60 Best Android Apps (Part 2 of 2)

April 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Where did you park? What was that great spot on the beach for surfing? Android app a2b stores your GPS coordinates for cars or favorite locations and then provides voice-guided directions back to that spot. It can even record a typed or voice-recorded note providing extra details.


CoPilot turns your phone into a GPS unit with voice instructions and directions in several map modes, a large POI’s database (gas, restaurant, attractions, etc.), favorite locations storage, and geocached images. It stores maps on the phone, so there’s no need to have a data connection. [Read the Review]


Layar is a “reality browser” that adds real-time information about surroundings. Walk down a city street and point your camera to get info on real estate listings, bars, restaurants, or even 3D objects and museum displays. It’s Android’s augmented reality.[YouTube]

Sherpa (aka Geodelic)

Sherpahas a massive POI library with reviews, directions, and “adaptive learning.” If you keep searching for Chinese restaurants, Sherpa learns to highlight those places for you. This feature is only available on the T-Mobile version. All other features are available in the twin Geodelic app.


TripIt is the traveling man’s dream app. It displays your travel information, providers alerts when travel times change, and can track your daily travel itnierary. Before you take off for any trip, put this on your phone. [Read review]


UrbanSpoon is a great resource for indecisive eaters and adventurers. Shake your phone and the app provides neighborhood restaurants based on cuisine type or average cost. It then shows ratings, reviews, and map/contact data to help you decide where to grub. [YouTube]


Where finds your location and returns news stories, businesses, gas prices, traffic, movie times, and restaurants in the immediate area. Use it to find the nearest place to get coffee or entertainment. It also has social features like check-ins and the Where Wall.

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