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HTC Incredible gets a mention from Verizon — on Twitter

April 5, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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HTC Incredible gets a mention from Verizon — on Twitter

At this point it seems pretty clear that Verizon will be offering the HTC Incredible. As for as when and for how much, those are the questions that still need to be answered. But given that we have seen numerous images and leaks of both the HTC Incredible with Verizon branding as well as supposed orders and the most recent appearance in Cellbrite its getting hard for Verizon to deny.

Now the latest bit to add to this story, we have seen not one, but two mentions of the HTC Incredible coming from an official Verizon Twitter account. The account is @VZWOffers and unfortunately they did not officially confirm the Incredible, but simply acknowledged it. Still, its nice to see that. Now maybe we can get some more in terms of pricing and release though.

@studentbuddha We hear ya Brandon :-) Glad to see everyone so excited, can’t say much about the HTC Incredible, stay tuned, okay?

@shawnaisaacs Hi Shawn, Yes the HTC Incredible does seem to be in demand! What do you think of #Droid, by the way?

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