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Google says your Nexus One 3G reception is poor but won’t do anything to fix it

April 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google says your Nexus One 3G reception is poor but won’t do anything to fix it

The Nexus One has been anointed by many as the best Android phone on the market. Well, except for that whole “phone” part since the N1 has had several problems with 3G calls and other related bugs. Google has offered a firmware update to try to address the problem, but that proved unsuccessful. It’s also as far as the company is willing to go.

A Google employee responding to yet another complaint about spotty 3G coverage has stated that Google is no longer attempting to improve reception on the Nexus One. The following statement was made in a Google help forum by Ry Guy, Google Employee:

Hey guys,

I’ve seen some recent speculation on this thread about an OTA to improve 3G connectivity and I want to give you an update on the situation.

While we are continuing to monitor user feedback regarding the 3G performance on the Nexus One, we are no longer investigating further engineering improvements at this time.

If you are still experiencing 3G issues, we recommend that you try changing your location or even the orientation of your phone, as this may help in areas with weaker coverage.

-Ry Guy

For all its fancy footwork and great features, the Nexus One is failing some customers in the category that matters most. If you have great reception on your Nexus, congrats. Those of you with 3G-related call issues are just out of luck.

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