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Google brings “universal search” feature to Google Search for mobile

April 9, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Google brings “universal search” feature to Google Search for mobile

Google announced via their Google Mobile Blog that they are bringing the universal search functionality that they use on to the mobile verision of the site. This functionality allows the user to get recommendations while they are typing in the search box allowing common activities such as finding flight information, exchange rates, unit conversion, etc. to be completed even faster.

For instance, if you are trying to look up some flight information you could go to on your mobile device, start typing the flight number, and in the suggestion drop down below the search box you would get the vital info like delays or estimated arrivals that you were looking for without even clicking the search button. This is of course brought on by Google’s obsession with making all of their services the fastest they can and I say that they are doing a good job with it.

Google also points out that if this service isn’t working for you, refresh your browser and try again. The universal search functionality is available now and for browsers in the Android OS, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad OS, and the Palm’s WebOS.

Source [Official Google Mobile Blog]