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Droid Eris: How to fix the no sound issue on alarms

April 13, 2010 | by Robert Nelson

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Droid Eris: How to fix the no sound issue on alarms

I am, for the most part a happy Droid Eris user, though from time to time issues do pop up. One of those issues deals with the alarm, or in this case the lack of sound from the alarm. And for me having an alarm with no sound is a big issue.

Anyway, this seems to happen every so often, and for reasons that I cannot explain because I set a few alarms and have not touched them since, well, aside from toggling the little on/off checkmark every so often.

The issue, it seems that the alarm goes quiet. But in actuality the alarm has a volume of its own, and somehow that volume keeps finding itself turned all the way down. That results in an alarm that goes off, but simply flashes the trackball and vibrates.

The fix is simple and takes about two seconds. Just launch the clock app, and then tap an alarm that you already have set up. That tap will allow you to adjust the settings for that particular alarm, however the volume setting will also affect any other alarms that you have.

From there, click on “Alarm Sound” and once that is up you will see the full list of alarm sounds. From there, just use the side volume control and make sure the “Alarm Volume” is at the level you choose.

Like I said, easy fix. Now if I could just figure out why it turns itself all the way down from time to time.