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Demand for Android phones trumps iPhone

April 3, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Demand for Android phones trumps iPhone

A new survey and report by ChangeWave shows that Android has caught up to the demand of the iPhone and, by a very small margin, actually trumped it. The iPhone has traditionally been the “apple” of smartphone buyer’s eyes (yes, horrible pun intended) but Android with the onslaught of current devices and other excellent devices coming down the line has taken the iPhone’s place.

The Android platform has jumped to 30% (which is the percentage of potential Android phone buyers) compared the the iPhone’s stagnating 29%. This is a “9 point jump from December (2009) and a five-fold increase from just six months ago”.  Once again, it is definitely the fact that one can purchase Android phones on any US carrier or anywhere else in the world for that matter that Android is such a contender. What will be more interesting is the numbers that come out after the possible announcement of a new iPhone, CDMA or otherwise later this year. Admob has also shown that Android mobile OS traffic is nipping at the heels of the iPhone.

These numbers change all the time but recently Android market share, demand, ad metrics, etc. have been showing us that Android is the best bet against the iPhone. With all these new “superphones” being announced this year I am willing to make the bet that Android will continue it’s massive growth and be very popular amongst consumers.

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