CyanogenMod brings Android 2.1 to G1/Magic owners (root only)

April 29, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Hacks

CyanogenMod brings Android 2.1 to G1/Magic owners (root only)

CyanogenMod has been the go-to ROM for Android users brave enough to root their phone, especially among novice users who rooted once the process became much easier last year. Cyanogen is once again turning heads with his custom Android ROM by porting Android 2.1 to G1 and Magic users.

Cyanogen announced that CM5 is now based on the Éclair branch of Android and a public test beta will be distributed this evening. But before you celebrate and try to install it, make sure you carefully read-up on the now-required Danger SPL. CyanogenMod previously worked on the G1′s standard SPL, but the size of his new ROM requires loading the Sapphire port (nicknamed DangerSPL because of its potential to brick your phone). Any G1 owner wishing to load the new Cyanogen must first flash the new DangerSPL.

HTC Magic owners DO NOT need to update! G1 owners should follow this excellent tutorial posted at CyanogenMod.

Here’s a video of 2.1 running on the G1.