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The 60 Best Android Apps (Part 1 of 2)

April 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The 60 Best Android Apps (Part 1 of 2)


3banana Notes

Remembering events is easier with 3banana, an app that keeps track of photos and notes. Rather than make notes on a napkin, snap a photo or jot down a note with contextual reminders explaining why you want to remember it. The app then syncs with your account.


Need a GTD/workflow manager? How about an Android app that can sync to a great web app? ActionComplete can manage projects, assign jobs, and place weighted importance for complex goals. It also provides reminders, timers, filters, and location awareness to get things done.

AK Notepad

Note taking is made easy in AK Notepad. Users can type notes, share them via SMS or email, or export to .txt files. Notes can also be organized according to tags, searched, have reminders, or pinned to the home screen for easy access. [YouTube]


Fact: Astrid is the best to-do list manager available on Android. Astrid creates tasks with notes, deadlines, reminders, tags, and priority. It also includes a homescreen agenda widget and the ability to sync with Remember the Milk.


CallTrack is an Android app that logs calls to a Google Calendar. Users can select whether to track incoming, outgoing, or missed calls and have them sync to a Google Calendar. This creates a useful archive of call times, duration, and phone numbers that syncs to the cloud.

DocumentsToGo Premium ($14.99)

This is the app to use for reading and editing Microsoft Office documents on Android. Anyone who wants to do some light writing, proofing, or last-minute tweaking to their documents needs to purchase this app. It supports major formatting styles of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. (Download the main app and then search for the Pro version)


Evernote is a popular app that records memory-aiding notes. Users can photograph documents/objects, record voice notes, enter text notes, or upload files and have them sync to an account. The app also supports tags for additional organization.

Slidescreen ($6.99 Pro, Free with Ads)

Sans widgets, SlideScreen is an information-oriented homescreen/app. It shows missed calls, SMS messages, emails, and calendar eventson one screen. It also has Google Finance, Google Reader, and Twitter integrated into a phenomenal package, making your data readily-available. [YouTube]

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