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Application Where gets a little more social

April 10, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Application Where gets a little more social

Where is a location based Android app that helps users find local restaurants, clubs, bars, and the like and is relatively useful because of the apps diverse and helpful user base. It looks like Where is becoming more useful and adding some ubiquitous new social aspects that should help the application stay relevant in this “check-in” age.

Probably the biggest new feature are Where’s Placebook that allows users keep track of where they have been and also make lists of places that they want to go in the future. Placebook also keeps track of the reviews that you have given the places that you have visited for future reference. Placebook also sync with so you can keep track of your places and also edit them from you computer.

Next, Where is introducing a Check-in feature that allows users to share the places that they have been that make it to their Placebook. Like I said above Where understands that to stay relevant in this type of “social review” app market that they have to be able to compete with services like Gowalla and foursquare. They are almost forced to have some sort of check-in feature added to their app.

I feel like Where is a decently mature application and gives users a good overall experience. With these new added features Where should be able to stay a popular choice amongst Android users.