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AppAware discovers Android apps based on recent popularity (App Reviews)

April 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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AppAware discovers Android apps based on recent popularity (App Reviews)

Android apps are the lifeline of the Android OS. Yes, we all love the features of the phone, but it’s the wow-factor and convenience of apps that keeps people coming back. AppAware is another way to discover those types of apps. The crowdsourcing app tracks what has become popular on the Android Market within a given timeframe, which provides a quick snapshot of what others are downloading.

AppAware narrows popular apps to within a week, day, or hour. As people begin to download or Trapster, AppAware lists those as popular things that you may be interested in seeing. Users are then linked to Android Market entries for more information and download links. Most important of all is the “Installed by Me” feature that narrows listings by your location. This allows users to see apps popular by Android users in their community, making it easier to discover hyperlocal apps and filter out things that may be popular elsewhere but are useless to you (like Orkut).


  • The “Top removed apps in the last hour” may also help determine what might be worth skipping (not always an indicator of poor apps, but can help you make decisions).
  • Offers popular Android Market listings based on time period or location


  • Oversharing. AppAware’s link to Twitter function is atrociously annoying. There’s no sense in constantly tweeting what you download, update, and uninstall. Please don’t link to your Twitter account.

App: AppAware

Cost: Free