Android will “soon” support installing apps on the SD card

April 30, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Google Android

Android will “soon” support installing apps on the SD card

These words were written by a G1 user in the Google Code Android Issues section on October 30, 2008.

This is essential if the potential of the G1 is to be realized.

The app launcher can be kept on the SIM or internal memory, but should gray out when the card onto which the app is installed is unmounted or removed. If one clicks on it, it should identify the SD card it needs.

After 18 months, and hundreds of people confirming the most obvious omission of Android needed to be fixed, Google has finally signaled that Android will soon enable installation to the SD card. This was marked “Assigned” on April 7th and has since been updated as “In a future release.” It might be too soon for us to expect “future” to be Android 2.2, but the Google employee who announced the change coyly said “soon :) ” – indicating that it may debut at I/O.

Apps are increasingly demanding more memory, leading even some Nexus One owners to run out space once they install several apps and next-gen games. Apps2SD being a standard feature is nearly two years late, but at least it will finally be enabled in the future. My question is, if this went from assigned to coming soon in one month, what the hell took you so long, Google?