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Android has 30+ devices, 38,000 apps, and the Nexus may go to stores?

April 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Android has 30+ devices, 38,000 apps, and the Nexus may go to stores?

During its quarterly earnings call, Google revealed that Android and Chrome have seen tremendous growth in recent months. The growth in Android has been very pleasing to Google, evidenced by 12 manufacturers producing over 30 Android devices. Google once again touted the figure that 60,000 Android phones are “sold and activated” each day.


On the apps front, Google has confirmed that the Android Market continues to swell with new offerings. Google’s Jeff Huber said that Android now has 38,000 apps in the market and he expects continued growth. Huber added that Google is encouraged by Android’s growth and expects development to be increasingly appealing in the run-up to Google I/O next month.

“When you open up the web and open yourself to thousands and thousands of developers, great things happen,” said Huber.


When pressed for figures and future goals for the Nexus One, Google declined to give specifics about how many phones were sold. Google would only reiterate its stance that the company is very pleased with the Nexus One’s performances from both a sales standpoint and as a beacon of “what Android can do.” Will it be in stores eventually? That’s a trickier answer. Google simply said “We can’t comment about anything on that right now.” Why not give a definitive no? Is Google considering putting the Nexus One in stores or will it stick with the current online store model?


A lot of you wonder why Google doesn’t advertise Android. When asked about overall marketing it does for the company, a Google rep said, “You can expect us to spend advertising dollars when it makes sense for our long-time goal of increasing users of our products.” Android is Google’s baby, but the only advertising I’ve seen is for the Nexus One in AdSense and YouTube. There’s no sign that they will increase that activity and run more print and television ads for the Nexus One or Android in general.


“There’s overwhelming evidence that the mobile ad network is …incredibly-competitive.” We suggested Apple’s iAd would help Google’s cause and that’s exactly what the company said during the earnings call. Google says there are plenty of mobile ad networks and is still in contact with the FTC. When asked if there’s a “Plan B” if the AdMob acquisition is blocked, Google said it remains committed but has a monetization product for mobile applications that it has invested in.


“We are working with manufacturers to have a netbook out in the fall. we’re continuing to work diligently and we’re very excited about it.” <— that comment was made regarding Chrome, not Android. There’s been talk that the company was working on an Android tablet, but when asked, Google would say only that it is excited to deliver with partners netbooks running ChromeOS. It’s not a total shut-down of the rumors, but it makes me believe we’re more likely to see a Chrome mobile device from Google before we see an Android one. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from getting one of the third-party tablets from WePad, Notion Ink, etc.