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Android Apps Alert 21: Call backs and call tracks edition

April 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Apps Alert 21: Call backs and call tracks edition

When I first started suggesting that Android users adopt the #androidapps tag on Twitter, I thought it would be a good way to find the few good apps in the market. Fast forward several months later and the number of good apps has risen, as has the need to be more vigilant in finding them among the 30,000+ storm.

Androinica plans to continue using Twitter to find new apps, but we’ve also got great tools like AppAware and AppBrain to help. Below are a few apps we recommend this week, as well as a few highlights of previously covered app reviews and Android app news that emerged this week.


Everyone has gotten a call during a critical meeting or a trip to the movie theatre. Accepting those calls is unacceptable, so it’s great to have a way to notify your contacts that you cannot talk at the moment. AutoResponder gets the job done by sending pre-determined messages to people who call or text when you’re unable to respond. The next time you receive a call, AutoResponder can send that person a message saying, “Sorry, I’m at my daughter’s recital and unable to talk. I’ll call you back around 9.” Users can create canned responses ranging from home to work to hanging out or whatever situation calls for them to not be able to take calls.


Google Voice has a great feature that allows members to automatically see their call log online. CallTrack has something similar, except it’s powered by Google Calendar. CallTrack is an Android app that logs a user’s calls to his/her Google Calendar. Users can select whether to track incoming, outgoing, or missed calls and have them sync to one of their Google Calendars. Logging into to GCal will then reveal call times, length, and numbers. This can be excellent for people who need to keep a detailed call log that they can revisit at a moment’s notice. Tip: Create a dedicated calendar specifically for use with CallTrack.


Voice recorders are a dime a dozen on Android. We recently highlighted an app that a few people thought was too complicated, so here’s the alternative for dead-simple voice recording. VoiceTask is a start and stop recorder that can be used to record notes and send them to your email (if you so desire). Simple enough for ya? Mobile

The 2010 World Cup is fast approaching and few people are as excited as I am. When the greatest sporting event in the world kicks off in a few months, I’ll probably be checking the Mobile app more than a few times during that period. The Handmark-built app will be easy to navigate for anyone who has used the company’s other news app. The Android app brings league/tournament news, editorials, and custom RSS feeds. There’s also a 4×1 widget that shows the latest headlines, something I’ll probably be checking throughout the summer.


Jorte is a great Android calendar replacement – check out Chris’s review of Jorte, an excellent calendar app that can help you get things done and keep track of your life.

Asphalt makes gaming on Android look good – read, and watch, Chris’s review of Asphalt, one of the best looking game on Android. This video review shows off the game’s amazing look and feel.

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