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Android 2.1 update on VZW DROID causing graphic and performance problems?

April 5, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Motorola, Verizon

Android 2.1 update on VZW DROID causing graphic and performance problems?

You got your brand new Android 2.1 update on your Moto DROID last week or over the weekend and you are just as happy as pie, right? Well according to several different sources your DROID could be experiencing some serious 2d video slowdowns.

According to ZDNET, Phil Issler, an Android developer, wrote in saying that a simple graphics test program running on both a DROID with the 2.0.1 OS and one with the newest 2.1 OS has shown some unfavorable results. In Android 2.0.1 on the DROID the frames per second rate is a nice 60 fps (the “factory standard” for smooth graphics and video) while on 2.1 the fps slows down to 30. We all know that the DROID hardware can handle 3D gaming and any other effects that you throw at it, so what’s the deal with the slow down?

I have experienced some of this slow down myself when live wallpapers were enabled. You can see the effects of that here. Not only have I experienced a slow down, I have also had trouble with the DROID recognizing and interfacing with my car and multimedia docks, probable battery life problems, and also the touchscreen just plain not working.

If there are some problems with the DROID’s performance since the 2.1 update we may not see anything fixed for some time, knowing the pace that Verizon works with updates. So, any other DROID users out there having performance issues?