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Adobe shows off a few Flash/AIR games coming to Android

April 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Adobe shows off a few Flash/AIR games coming to Android

Yesterday we heard from Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin that Google “believes that developers should have their choice of tools and technologies to create applications.” The statement was an obvious reference to Apple’s decision to block apps that are created with Adobe tools and compiled for the iPHone.

Android doesn’t prevent developers from building Android apps through Adobe AIR, and The Flash Blog has posted videos/highlights of some AIR-based apps coming soon to Android. Here’s a comment from one developer proving why this could be a great boon to Android:

“None of this new code that I wrote is Android-specific. In fact, now that my games have these changes in place, I shouldn’t need to make any adjustments when Adobe brings AIR to other types of smartphones in the future. That’s awesome.” –

Chroma Circuit – a cool puzzle game based on rotating triangles

Fruit Smash Organic – it’s basically Bejeweled with fruit.

Click here to see the rest of the games. Almost all of them are casual Flash-based games.